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[51] Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


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Chat Room Announcement
I'm going to be in the Bill and's chatroom this Friday (February 19th, 2010) at 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME US.

Try to make it if you can!

Chat Room Announcement
I made a post on the's forum already about this but I thought to inform those of you on LJ. There has been discussion about meeting up on a date for talk time in the's chat room.

I will be in the chat room under my username darkcrow at 7:00 pm CENTRAL TIME (US) on Friday, February 5th, 2010. I will stay in there for one hour, if some shows up, I will talk to them. If the time elapses and no one shows, I won't set a new time.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns, otherwise I hope to see some fans present!

Fic: We Walk as Men
bill&ted woah
We Walk As Men

Pairing: Bill/Ted
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,200
Setting: pre-movie

Summary: "I'm just thinking about our extreme lack of fortune in the babes department."

( Ted, you remember that time when we were freshmen, and you asked Missy to prom, and she shot you down in front of the entire graduating class? )

Fic: Pepsi and Pop Rocks
bill&ted yay grin
Pepsi and Pop Rocks

Pairing: Bill/Ted
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,251
Setting: pre movie

Summary: Bill and Ted kissy fic written for mytimehaspassed who asked for Bill and Ted being awesome, and more specifically, bill/ted backstage at a wyld stallyns show, making out.

( Dude, you were awesome out there. )

freaked icons
044 Freaked (Movie - Alex Winter, Randy Quaid...etc.)


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Green Day: smiley BJ
I come bearing a few tiny Bill/Ted themed drabbles! Both rated G, quite harmless.

Prompt Breakfast here, and prompt Protect over here.

22 bill and ted ea & bj icons
the dead will walk
[13] supernatural -- 01-013
[14] the black donnellys -- 013-027
[13] the breakfast club -- 027-040
[22] bill and ted's excellent adventure/bogus journey -- 040-062
[4] the lion king -- 062-066
[2] beast from x-men: the last stand -- 067-068

[1] t-shirt design -- 069
[1] jensen ackles -- 070
[9] band related --
linkin park minutes to midnight cover; 071
oasis; 072
sum 41's chuck and does this look infected? covers; 073 & 074
mike ness; 075
rise against; 076
tim mcillrath; 077
afi a time imperfect lyrics; 078 & 079

banners/larger graphics:
jensen ackles [5]
james franco [1]
spider-man [2]
other -- stock image with blue october's hate me lyrics [1]


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Bill/Ted Yuletide Fic
ST: Pointless Shot of the Enterprise
Title: Rufus's Enlightening Time-Traveling Road Trip
Fandom: Excellent Adventure only
Pairing/s: Bill/Ted
Summary: The future may have many excellent waterslides, and be free of pollution and traffic jams, but its saviors aren't happy. So Rufus does what he does best and takes a trip in the phone booth to find out why.
Warning/s: none
Wordcount: 2,687

Rufus's Enlightening Time-Traveling Road Trip - written for hyperfocused for Yuletide 2008.


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